IIT Madras Research Park

Focus on incubation efforts and propelling successful innovation in R&D focused companies.

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About Us

A happy mix of corporate and campus lives
Our Mission
To Create a Knowledge and Innovation Ecosystem through collaboration between the industry and academia to enable, encourage and develop cutting edge technology and innovation that exceeds the global standard.
IIT Madras Research Park is an independent company promoted by IIT Madras and its alumni and was incorporated under Section 25 of the Companies Act 1956. The IIT Madras Research Park facilitates the promotion of research and development by the institute in partnership with industry, assisting in the growth of new ventures, and promoting economic development.

The IIT Madras Research Park assists companies with a research focus to set up a base in the park and leverage the expertise available at IIT Madras.

The "knowledge and innovation ecosystem", the Research Park breaks down the traditional, artificial barriers of innovation through its connectivity and collaborative interaction. This helps the industry to create, integrate, and apply advancements in knowledge. The resulting synergy leads to matchless technological innovation and transfer.

The basic principles of the Park are:

  • Creating a collaborative environment between industry and academia through joint research projects and consulting assignments
  • Developing a self-sustaining and technologically fertile environment
  • Encouraging and enabling the alignment of R & D activities to potential needs of the industry
  • Providing world class infrastructure for R & D activities
  • Enabling development of high quality personnel and motivating researchers to grow professionally within organizations through part time Masters and PhD Programs
  • Aiding technology and business skills sharing between the university and industry tenants

The ongoing technology transformation is opening up vast vistas of innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities.

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