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Rajendra Mootha
"Today's accelerating pace of disruption requires avenues for entrepreneurial mindset, innovation and translation from Concept to Product that have lasting Social Impact! We need to build collaborative blocks between Academia, Students, Entrepreneurs and Industry to take bold strides for building the sustainable ecosystems of the future. As Chief Innovation Officer @ IITMRP my role is to be the effective catalyst for change and create the right conversations and underlying business processes that connect teams in a collaborative powerful and integrated way.” -- Naveena Swamy

Naveena Swamy has recently assumed charge as the Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) of IITM Research Park. She pursued doctoral research at Indian Institute of Technology Madras and started treks to Singapore and USA in early 1990. She is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional[CISSP] and Project Management Professional [PMI]. She contributed successfully in her career at USA and served at IBM, AMD, Cadence Design Systems, Sycamore Networks, ArcSight [Now HP], SOASTA [Now Akamai]. At Sycamore Networks she was responsible for design and implementation and delivery of the first all European Optical Network at LDCOM in Paris, France and leading the technology due diligence and M&A strategy in the $ 2.9 Billion acquisition and post merger integration of Sirocco Systems. She led the Asia expansion of Sycamore Networks with investment strategy and successfully enabled in the foundation of the startup - Tejas Networks, hired the CTO, Dr. Kumar Sivarajan, CEO Sanjay Nayak, COO Arnob Roy and served on the Board to lead the services and product strategy. She has served as CEO of DigitalBrix to deliver collaborative online Game Design & Creation. She has received numerous awards for her Innovation and Disciplined Performance throughout her career. She has been a mentor to a number of startups and active participant in Silicon Valley.

In funding RoboTech Center, she was engaged in Academia/Industry collaboration to create blueprints for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math [STEAM] initiatives, served as Program Manager for GK-12 National Science Foundation programs at the University of Massachusetts. She has authored multiple books on Collaborative Online Game Design & Creation. She has been a presenter at global conferences - EDA, Robotic Trends, RoboBusiness and many others. She has co-authored and published two technical books on Game Design and Creation through Thomson Publishing, now CENGAGE. She has served at  MIT Parents Fund Committee and continues to serve as an Advisory board member for Science Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math initiatives of Massachusetts

A lifelong change agent, Naveena partners with IITMRP businesses to shepherd creativity and implement breakthrough solutions. Moving from Silicon Valley, California USA to IITMRP, Chennai Tamil Nadu, she will lead her team to connect IITMRP to the global entrepreneurial ecosystem through their work in identification of transformative trends, sponsorship of a network of labs and accelerators across the research park’s centers of excellence and bringing the journey from Startup to the Enterprise, creating careers and innovative solutions to benefit society through the ecosystem.

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