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Rajendra Mootha

Rajendra Mootha is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of IITM Research Park. He obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bangalore and proceeded abroad to pursue his Masters Degree program in Mechanical Engineering from Wayne State University, College of Engineering, whose students and faculty enjoy enviable links with the heart of American Auto Industry in Detroit, Michigan, USA

An accomplished result-oriented business professional, endowed with a keen business mind and strategic acumen, Mr. Mootha is methodical in approach in developing opportunities and innovative in implementation. Rajendra Mootha, in the past, has led several key initiatives across various businesses in improving organizational efficiency by strengthening the systems and processes

Prior to his assignment in IITM RP, he had a successful stint as Vice-President at Dunlop India Limited, As President at Excellent Computers, he closely interacted with BSNL in evolving an innovative product that enabled them to extend internet services Pan India. He also had a stint with General Motors, Detroit, Michigan, USA as Project Manager, Hardware Refresh. Besides, he was the past Chairman and Managing Trustee of RYA MADRAS METRO TRUST-Chennai Food Bank, A Free Mason from Archibald Campbell 4998 and presently is the Secretary of Tamil Nadu Race Horse Owners Association.

As Chief Operating Officer at IITM RP, Mr.Mootha will sphere head the Operations, with our culture of client centric approach, to ensure a best in class infrastructural facilities conducive for IITM and industry to interact. He will primarily focus on the R & D clients to understand their expectations to facilitate research interaction with IITM, towards building solutions to the challenges before our nation and assisting Indian industry to have a global footprint and compete with confidence. His mission to ensure that the collaborative interaction facilitated by IITM RP in offering companies with R&D focus an unique opportunity to engage with IITM on a sustained basis to bring out products and solutions that will benefit the industry in general and the society in particular.

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