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Department of Aerospace Engineering

Research Areas
  • Subsonic, Transonic, Supersonic, Hypersonic, Rarefied
  • Gas Flows (Theoretical and Experimental)
  • Boundary Layers and Stability of Flows, Turbulent Flows
  • Shock Tubes and Related Problems
  • Development of Algorithms and Code for Numerical Methods in Gas Dynamics and Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Vortex Dynamics, Supersonic Mixing and Combustion
  • Optical Flow Diagnostics

Aerospace Propulsion

  • Rocket Propulsion and Solid Propellant Combustion
  • Airbreathing Propulsion and Combustion
  • Cascade Flows
  • Multiphase Flow Simulation
  • Combustion Instability
  • Optical Flow/ Combustion Diagnostics

Flight Dynamics and Control

  • Flight Dynamics
  • Stability and Control of Aerospace Vehicles

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