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Department of Bio Technology

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Core Research Areas
The research foci of our Department are (a) Medical Biotechnology, especially cardiovascular aspects and (b) Bioprocesses. Our faculty members are working in the following fundamental and applied aspects.

  • Cellular, Molecular and Structural Biology related to Signal Transduction, Ion Channels, Lipid Trafficking, Stem Cell Proliferation/ Culture, Cell Stresses, Cancer, Cell Death, etc.; Molecular Genetics of Plant Development.
  • Protein Structure prediction, Structure-function relationship
  • Molecular Modelling; Protein-ligand Docking; Computational Neuroscience; Signal Processing; Neural Networks; Character Recognition; Bioinformatics.
  • Drug design, QSAR; siRNA Delivery
  • Bio-catalysis; Enzymes in Organic (asymmetric) Synthesis; Biosensors
  • Biotransformation; Molecular Bioremediation; Biodegradation; Green Chemistry
  • Bioreactor Design and Analysis; Simulation and Control of Bioprocesses; Reactive Oxygen species in Bioreactors; Liquid Phase Oxygen-supply Strategy; Metabolic Engineering; Cloning of Therapeutic Proteins: Ethanol from Biomass; Plant tissue and Animal cell Culture; Enzyme Engineering; Downstream Processing; Scale-up.
  • Biomaterials; Biomechanics; Biomedical Devices and Implants; Instrumentaion; Ergonomics.

Sponsored Research Projects  

Sl. No.TitlePeriodFunding AgencyAmount (Rs. in lakhs)Co-ordinators
1Exploring the basis of drug resistance of HIV-1 protease mutants: Useful insights for rational drug design3 yearsDST19.97Dr. Sanjib Senapati
2The properties of protein hydration water and their connection to protein motions3 yearsDST20.38Dr. Sanjib Senapati
3Exploring the basis of differential binding of inhibitors to active and inactive CDK23 yearsDBT30.22Dr. Sanjib Senapati Dr. D. Karunagaran Dr. V. Kesavan
4Biochemical and structural studies on a putative lipase2006-2009DST15Dr. N. Manoj
Dr. Gummadi S.N

Consultancy Projects
Industrial Consultancy Projects:

Sl. No.Name of facultyTitleIndustry
1Dr. Guhan JayaramanProduction of Clean Energy from Biomass  Nagarjuna Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd., Hyderabad

RBIC Projects:

Sl. No.Name of facultyTitleIndustry
1Dr. V. S. ChakravarthyDevelopment of Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR) System for Real Time Radioscopy (RTR) of Hancock Valve WeldsBHEL, Trichy
2Prof. K. B. RamachandranConsolidated BioprocessingReliance Industries Limited
3Prof. K. B. RamachandranEnzyme ProductionOpereon Biotec
4Prof. Mukesh DobleBiodegradation of polymersRIL, Mumbai
5Prof. Mukesh DobleFermentation S9Kemin Nutrional, Chennai

Retainer Consultancy:

Sl.No.Name of facultyTitleIndustry
1Prof.  K.B. RamachandranBiotransformation/ bioprocessing technologies for the manufacture of Cephalosporin derivatives. Orchid Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd
2Prof.  K.B. RamachandranEnzyme production, purification, characterization and immobilization Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd


  • NIOT, Chennai
  • Institute of Cardiovascular diseases, Madras Medical Mission, Chennai
  • International Centre for Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Diseases, Chennai
  • I. I. T. Bombay
  • Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai
  • Sri Chitra Thirunal Institute for Biomedical Sciences and Eng., Trivandrum
  • Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology, Trivandrum
  • Centre for DNA Finger-printing and Diagnostics, Hyderabad

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