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Department of Civil Engineering

Ongoing Research
"EU-Asia Network of Competence Enhancement on Public-Private Partnerships in Infrastructure Development" financed under the Asia Link Programme is currently pursued by IIT Madras in collaboration with the following European and Asian universities active in the area of PPP: Bauhaus University Weimar (BUW), Germany University of Manchester (UM), (previously known as UMIST), Kingdom Tsinghua University (TU), China Asian Insitute of Technology (AIT), Thailand. The overall objective of the project is to improve human resource capacity within and outside of the European and Asian academic institutions to contribute to Public-Private Partnerships in infrastructure development.

Research is the spring that feeds and nutures the technology as it is practised. Hence, it is only natural that fundamental and applied research activities in Civil Engineering and transfer of this knowledge to the profession are integral parts of the activities of the department programmes. Some of the National and International sponsoring agencies of these projects include UGC, DST, DAE, MHRD, INCH, INCOH, DRDO, ARDB,
Indo-German, Indo-US schemes, BIS, CBIP etc.

In addition to these research activities, the faculty of the department are also actively engaged in providing consultancy services in their areas of expertise to various public and private sector organizations both in India and abroad. Some of the major client organizations include ISRO, BHEL, TI, EIL, TNEB, TNHB, SPIC, TNPCB, Indian Railways, and Ministry of Transport.

Sponsored Projects

  • Appropriate technology for rural housing
  • Physio-chemical investigations on highly plastic, organic and swelling clays
  • Flood simulation and multi-reservoir operation of Adayar river system
  • Expert system of water resource management
  • CAD/ CAM programme
  • Knowledge based expert systems for civil engineering design
  • Non-linear analysis of fibre composite stiffened plates
  • Transport system planning and management for Indian cities
  • Strengthening of infrastructure in transportation engineering
  • Geosynthetics in reinforced earth emdankments
  • Strengthening characteristics of fly-ash cement mortar bricks with various amounts of Portland cement
  • Development of design criteria for structural masonary with concrete hollow blocks
  • Cost effective construction techniques
  • GIS Laboratory for engineering applications
  • Optimisation of earth moving opeartion
  • Multimedia system for construction productivity
  • Instability and non-linear behaviour of carbon fibre composite elements and panels
  • Water resources project management
  • Hydralic routing of flood towards flood management
  • Cyclic load behaviour of hollow pre-stressed concrete piles
  • Densification of fly-ash deposit in ash-pond
  • Computer aided planning of crane lifts
  • Design of tall reinforced concrete television towers
  • Design of microwave communication towers
  • Technical know-how for manufacture of pre-stressed concrete sleepers
  • Design of foundations for oil refineries, power plants, fertilisers, cement plants
  • Optimisation of design of water towers
  • Design of aesthtically pleasing bridges
  • Remedial measures and repairs for major tower-like strucures
  • Advice on structural soundness of buildings
  • Hyudraulic model studies of cooling water pump house of Ennore Thermal Station
  • Hydraulic model study of flow in recirculating water channel, forebay and pump sump NLC 2nd Thermal Power Station Stage II
  • Structural and geometric design for pavement, rehabilitation of damaged pavements, evaluation of filler materials and sealing compounds for joints of rigid pavements
  • Flood channel training at a acement plant site in Gujarat
  • Flood drain improvement in Arochem site in Manali
  • Storm water disposal system
  • Development of designs and applications using core loaded sleeved column systems
  • Strength and stiffness of geocell reinforced soft foundation soils
  • Anchored retaining walls for highway and railway applications
  • Accelearted masonary construction technique
  • Development of an interactive software for watershed analysis and management
  • Fuzzylogic procedures for irrigation/ drainage systems planning and maintainance
  • Standarization of damage-frequency relationships for flood damage assessment
  • Reservoir performance analysis using stochatic sreamflow models
  • Effectiveness of percolation ponds
  • Development of methods for prioritzing maintainance and rehabilitation works in irrigation systems
  • Expert system for optimal water resources development and management
  • Intermittant water supply systems-design and control
  • Decision support systems for cyclone disaster mitigation
  • Accelerated masonary construction techniques, interlocking systems
  • KBCS for integrated engineering of railway bridges
  • Smart control in stability of thin fibre composite cylindrical shells in aerospace applications
  • Preparation of resource materials for teaching design of steel structures

Consultancy Projects

  • Investigation of fire-affected buildings and recommendation of restoration measure
  • Quality assurance of building materials and construction
  • Supply of know-how for concrete hollow block roof and wall system including supply of concrete hollow block making machine (manually operated)
  • Structural design checking for various works
  • Studies of acoustical absorption characteristics of gypsum based products
  • Study of vibration levels in buildings and construction sites
  • Repair and rehabilitation of fire/ corrosion damaged structures
  • Improving performance of decolite flooring of ICF-built coaches
  • Noise assessment and control
  • Design of silencer for supersonic wind tunnel
  • Effluent treatment units for diary , tanneries , bleaching and dyeing units
  • Investigation of corrosion damage to ammonium chloride plant
  • Specialised tests on coal rock specimens for interpretation and advice on mine prospecting
  • Geo-technical investigation for buildings and industrial plants
  • Foundation design for various government and industrial projects
  • Studies on soil stabilization using 'consolid' systems and lime
  • Geometric design for flyover
  • Technical investigation for formation of new highway
  • Underpinning of setting structures at Vishakaptnam
  • Design of drainage arrangement for North Madras Thermal Power Plant - ash bund works
  • Sump model studies for Takari and Mahaissal Lift Irrigation project
  • Design of weigh bridge
  • Design of various types of bridges and flyovers
  • Non-linear static and dynamic analysis and design of tall guyed mastas
  • Design of cargo berths
  • Rehabilitation and retrofitting of industrial structures, hangers, water retaining structures and bridges
  • Non-destructive testing of turbogenerator foundations
  • Assessment of groundwater recharge potential in Neyveli Basin
  • Computer aided simulation study of Tamaraparani river system
  • Salt water barrier design at Vishakapatnam Port Trust
  • Design of drainage arrangement at North Madras Thermal Plant
  • Analysis of soil moisture status in Cauvery Basin
  • Evaluation of artificial recharge alternatives for Neyveli aquifer
  • Storm water drainage system design
  • Rating of water current meter
  • Programming environment for computer aided design (PENCAD)
  • Programming environment for integrated engineering
  • Raising of ash dyke at NALCO, Orissa
  • Analysis of underground excavations for Pykara Hydro-Electric Project, National Institute of Rock Mechanics (NIRM)
  • Design of earth dam at CARI Complex, Andaman
  • Water quality analysis and modelling of groundwater in Neyveli basin

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