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Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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Research Areas

  • Intelligent Systems
    Artificial Intelligence, Statistical Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Case-based Reasoning, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines, Kernel Based Methods
  • Human Computer Interaction
    Speech Processing, Handwriting Recognition, Computer Vision, Indic Computing, Multimodal Interfaces, Image Processing, Computer Graphics
  • Data and Knowledge Engineering
    Database Management Systems, XML and Semi-structured Databases, Multimedia Databases, Data Mining, Information Retrieval and Filtering, Ontologies and Semantic Web
  • Theoretical Foundations
    Unconventional Models of Computation, Cryptography, Algorithms, Computational Geometry, Cellular Automata, Randomized Algorithms, Programming Languages
  • Networks and Distributed Systems
    Resource Management, Wireless Networks, Optical Networks, Network Protocols, Network Management Systems, VoIP, High Performance Computing, Multimedia over Network, Network Security
  • Software System Design
    Software Engineering, Object Oriented Programming, Programming Paradigms, Distributed Objects
  • Hardware System Design
    Software aspects of VLSI Design, Reconfigurable Hardware Design, VLSI implementations of Speech and Image Processing Algorithms, Computer System Design

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