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Department of Electrical Engineering

Research Focus
  • Communication
  • Microelectronics/ VLSI
  • Power systems and instrumentation

The communications group at the Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Madras, consists of 16 faculty members and a vibrant group of master's (MS) and doctoral (PhD) students. These pages will give you a brief glimpse of the research and other activities in the group. The major research areas of interest to the group can be summarized in the following categories:

  • Wireless Communications
  • Fibre Optics, Optical Communications and Networks
  • Signal and Image Processing
  • Networking
  • Coding and Information Theory

Microelectronics/ VLSI
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras has been engaged in the research and development work in the semiconductor devices area for over three decades. The research activities cover the different aspects of Materials processing, Device fabrication, Device Modeling and Characterization, and MEMS.

The major research activities in the microelectronics laboratory are:

  • Design, simulation and fabrication of SOI CMOS devices and circuits
  • Fabrication and modeling of Power Semiconductor Devices e.g. MOSFETs, BJTs and PIN diodes
  • Surface passivation of compound semiconductors and fabrication and modeling of III-V MESFETs and MISFETs
  • Modelling of various devices e.g. buried channel MOSFETs, BJTs, HEMTs and HBTs
  • Fabrication of Silicon and InGaAs/InP PIN photo detectors for application in fibre optic communication
  • Fabrication of Varactor diodes
  • Electroless plating and electroplating of various metals for contacts
  • Fabrication of Polysilicon TFTs
  • Modeling and fabrication of polysilicon-emitter BJTs and silicon solar cells
  • Thin gate dielectrics
  • MEMS - For the last few years, the group working in this lab has developed a lot of expertise in the area of Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). Using bulk micromachining, silicon micro-accelerometers and polysilicon pressure sensors have been successfully fabricated in the lab
  • Studies on the Surface micromachining and Stiction
  • Growth and characterization of hydrogenated amorphous silicon alloy materials, role of hydrogen in the film properties
  • Fabrication of amorphous Silicon TFTs – discrete and 10x10 active matrix arrays
  • Porous silicon - material, junctions, photo and electroluminescence and passivation
  • Porous silicon based chemical and bio-sensors

The major research activities in the VLSI laboratory are:

  • High speed Analog to Digital and Digital and Analog converters
  • Continuous time Delta Sigma modultaors
  • Analysis and understanding of Noise
  • Architecture exploration and CAD for DSP systems
  • FPGAs and Reconfigurable computing systems

Power Systems and Instrumentation
Current Research Areas

  • Power system deregulation
  • Distribution Automation
  • DVRs, Statcom
  • Power quality monitoring
  • Non-linear control applied to robotics
  • Precision electrical measurements
  • Switch mode power conversion and AC drives
  • Condition monitoring of power apparatus
  • Nanomaterials
  • Bio-medical instrumentation
  • Virtual instrumentation

Research Achievements

  • MK Ilampoornan (Ph.D. scholar in the department) was accorded 'most valuable poster award' in the ISEIM (International Symposium on Electrical Insulating Materials) 2008 held at Yokkaichi, japan from 7-11 Sept 2008, for the paper titled, "Evaluation of moisture content in power transformers"
  • The Semiconductor Devices, Circuits and Systems group (SDCS) of IIT Madras has been awarded the TechnoShield award for 2008-2009 by the India Semiconductor Association. This award is given to the best academic institutions in India for work in the semiconductor space. SDCS group consists of all the faculty members working in the area of microelectronics and VLSI Design in the departments of EE and CSE.
  • D. Mahaveer Sathaiya, Ph.D scholar working with Prof. Karmalkar has won a TechnoInventor 2008 Award for his PhD thesis on "Modeling of the Gate leakage in AlGaN/ GaN HEMTs and Nitrided Oxides".
  • Congratulations to Ms. Geetha (Ph.D Scholar under the guidance of Dr. V. Jayashankar) for winning the second prize from ELROMA for the work on rotary converters for transferring power synchronously. The prize includes a citation and a cash award.
  • Professor Shreepad Karmalkar has been awarded the Hari Om Ashram Prerit
    Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Research Award for the year 2005 in the fields of Electronics, Informatics, Telematics and Automation. The award has been given for his contributions to analytical modeling and numerical simulation of semiconductor devices and for development of new semiconductor processes.

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