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Department of Ocean Engineering

Research Areas
  • Structural Analysis, Design and Testing
    Static, dynamic and stability analyses of fixed and compliant platforms; Design of ships and offshore structures; Port and harbor structures; Cable and mooring line dynamics and design; Structural model studies and prototype measurements; Integrity monitoring of structures etc.
  • Wave Hydrodynamics and Coastal Processes
    Ocean waves and currents; Fluid loading on rigid bodies; Wave-structure interaction problems; Wave data from remote sensing; Numerical models for storm surge; Green house effect; Shoreline-wave-current interaction; Sediment transport, Shore protection etc.
  • Ships, Floating Platforms and Underwater Vehicles
    Dynamics, wave loading, motion stability and response; Model studies in sea keeping, resistance, propulsion and maneuverability of ships; Design of ships and underwater bodies; Design of floating breakwaters; Model studies of floating platforms and underwater vehicles etc.
  • Materials in Marine Environment
    Durability of materials in aggressive environments; Corrosion of steel and steel in concrete; Mineral and chemical admixtures in concrete; Development of high strength and high performance cements and concrete composites; Repair and rehabilitation of structures.
  • Marine Geotechniques
    Marine deposits under static and cyclic loading; Design, analysis and field monitoring of marine foundations; Soil-structure interaction; Marine geology.
  • Ocean Energy
    Wave energy; Ocean thermal energy

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