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Credit Points System

IIT Madras Research Park has a proprietary CREDIT system to measure the extent of collaboration between a company and IIT Madras. CREDIT is an acronym for Collaboration in Research and Engagement with Departments in IIT Madras. The Research Park is not a real estate proposition. It is an ecosystem that facilitates R&D and innovation. Success is premised upon adequate engagement between the companies and IIT Madras. The CREDIT system merely ensures that the necessary levels of engagement continues on a sustained basis to ensure the companies benefit out of the ecosystem. Hence each company has to earn a certain minimum number of Credits each year depending on the space occupied. More details on this can be obtained on request.

Invitation to industry to partner with IIT Madras

Greetings from the Office on International & Alumni Relations at IIT

We can provide opportunities for industry to support the research eco-system in IIT Madras

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IIT Madras Research Park invites students of IITM to apply for summer internships with companies of IITMRP

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