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Aspiring to make India a Global Knowledge Hub
Our Value Proposition
The IIT Madras Research Park is modeled along the lines of successful research parks at Stanford and MIT. And it has a larger agenda that focuses not just on incubation efforts but also on propelling successful innovation in established R&D focused companies. IIT Madras Research Park facilitates a collaborative relationship between tenants/clients and IIT Madras. It connects industry personnel to the "innovation inputs" of knowledge and acts as a catalyst for radical, high-tech development.

IIT Madras Research Park believes that the coming together of the Corporate R & D, the faculty and students of IIT Madras will increase the probability of successful innovation. This is the Golden Triad© and the essential elements of this Triad are:

  • R&D personnel : bring in rich insights of the industry and market
  • Faculty : Encompassing a wealth of knowledge from multiple domains and departments
  • Students : Who work relentlessly, oblivious to the risk of failure

The Research Park is co-located with IIT Madras and therefore brings these three essential elements together.

Come. Be a part of the unique opportunity zone we create.

The key advantages of collaboration with IIT Madras are:

  • Joint Research projects sponsored by industry or sponsored by Government / R&D grant agencies
  • Jointly bid for Government/ International body projects
  • Use faculty as consultants for research
  • Take assistance of faculty for training employees
  • Develop new Product in close association with IITM to gain expert advice
  • Develop joint Research Reports to gain mileage
  • Industry can employ faculty on research project
  • Employ students on part time basis during summer/ winter/ regular semester
  • Identify the most promising of the undergraduates/ graduates and in a most favourable position to recruit such staff upon graduation
  • Attract top talent who would work with company and would also be adjunct faculty - Leverage the power of place
  • Employees can participate in part-time teaching/ PhD or Training programmes
  • Availability of restaurants, conference facilities and other services represent a significant saving to the company

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