IIT Madras Research Park

Focus on incubation efforts and propelling successful innovation in R&D focused companies.

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A diverse clientele straddling multiple domains
IIT Madras Research Park is aimed at promoting research and development in partnership with the industry, nurturing innovation. While IIT Madras Research Park is modeled along the lines of successful research parks elsewhere in the world, it has a larger agenda that focuses not just on incubation efforts but also on propelling successful innovation in established R&D focused companies.

The industry has been quick to understand the value of the golden triad of industry personnel, faculty and students working together to give them a higher probability of successful innovation. Strategically, IIT Madras Research Park has chosen to bring in a diverse set of companies straddling multiple domains, so that there is adequate interaction with as many of the 16 departments in IIT as possible.

The pie chart below depicts the distribution across different segments.

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