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AMADA has identified the premier Indian Institute, IITM as its innovative partner to bring about innovative engineering solutions in the CAD/ CAM domain. AMADA believes engaging with the IIT Madras Research Park will accelerate the company's goal of providing "cutting-edge" engineering solutions to their customers.

Good Earth Maritime Ltd
GML has shown keen interest to become a part of IIT Madras Research Park and are sure to add a unique dimension to the research fraternity. Mr. Piyush, Head of Productivity Research Cell at Goodearth suggests that they are assured to benefit from this engagement as they would receive a sound support from the erudite academic and research community at IIT and within the park.

Mr.Piyush highlights that through this endeavor they would get an access to the best talent pool for their research studies and Greenfield projects. Also the employees would get benefited from most comprehensive knowledge base available from the libraries, electronic databases and research labs.

IIT and other research entities within the park are sure to benefit from collaborative research with professionals from this unique industry as they work together to create new body of knowledge and continuously improve the best practices.

Maveric Systems
We at Maveric strongly believe that this alliance with IIT Madras will give us a strong threshold in enriching our research capabilities to help achieve our development goals. It will be the key differentiating factor that will help consolidate our leadership position and drive our growth in global markets.

The Research park initiative gives us an innovative opportunity to plug into world class minds at IIT Chennai for accelerating our research led IP development.

NMS Networks
The Research Park will bring together leading minds in both public and private sectors providing unique access to the newest technology and research options. It would provide a powerfully supportive base for radical, high impact research.

The talent of the community there is ready and willing! It would be excellent to join the team and bring a valuable combination of exceptional research skills and industry experience and that will be great assets to the company. To address our clients, emerging business challenges and driven by a passion to 'Stay Ahead of Competition', we constantly innovate to bring distinct and comprehensive software solutions in Network, Services and Business Layers across a spectrum of communication networks - Wireline, Wireless, Next Generation and IP Networks. We at NMS Works believe that our association with IIT Madras Research Park will help us immensely going forward.

CandleStick Advisors
CandleStick Advisors, is a research centric investment bank focused on growth companies. The company aspires to play a constructive role in nurturing young growth companies at IIT Madras Research Park. Many of our Indian employees are themselves from IITs.

Growth companies with good technology or products can sometimes find the world of Wall Street confusing. There exists a risk that firms may end up choosing a path that is
sub-optimal to long term value creation. We believe such firms can find enhanced success if they find a trusted advisor. We can help vet business plans and ideas for potential pitfalls not only during inception but throughout the growth stage of an enterprise.

Small companies face myriad ways of procuring the necessary capital to power their growth. Such options range from debts, SPACs, equity, private equity, structured financing or other special arrangements. Our expertise is in tailoring such options for small firms.

Our depth of expertise extends to various domains such as Technology, Media, Corporate/ Consumer Services, Healthcare as well as GreenTech and other emerging technologies.

We pride ourselves on long and deep relationship with virtually every major investor in growth companies. Several times a year, we provide opportunity for growth companies to meet with VCs, peer management and investors through conferences. We believe we play a constructive role as a bridge between young growth firms and hundreds of major long term investors in growth companies.

Our doors are always open to any company in the IIT Madras Research Park ecosystem.

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