Build a Typescript application to integrate a software tool

Building a customer-facing integration plugin on customer relationship management software, using Typescript, APIs, and webhooks. The plugin will integrate the Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) with Github.
Once you go through all the concepts and tutorials in this course, you will be proficient with:
  • Typescript, Git, and VSC best practices
  • Hands-on knowledge of rest APIs, SDKs
  • Webhooks, CLI, bash scripting and debugging
  • Working with CRM and support software
  • A Typescript application to integrate a software tool.
    1. Create and install the Plugin(Snap-in) in your DevRev instance.
    2. Create a test Issue work item in DevRev
    3. The Test issue work item should create an Issue in your associated GitHub repository.
    • Basic knowledge of Typescript
    • Basic knowledge of working with APIs and Webhooks

    High Level Instruction