India @ 2047
through innovation

The Vision

Forty Young IAS Officers teams with forty young faculty of IITM, forty Seed-stage Entrepreneurs and forty established Young Entrepreneurs are brainstorming to evolve what will they like India to be in 2047. This 3-day symposium is from 7th to 9th March 2022, supported by the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG), is being held at IIT Madras Research Park.
  • Forty NUCLEUS Teams, each consisting of One Young IAS Officer, One Young Faculty, One Seed-Stage Entrepreneur and One Established Young Entrepreneur is formed. Each four-member NUCLEUS forms a basic team, which will bond with each other to ideate, conceptualize, and strategize the Vision 2047, not just during the symposium but over the next three years, over the next ten years and over the next twenty-five years. Each NUCLEUS Team will have four hours meeting, including two hours during dinner (S4 and S5), on day 1.
  • Four such NUCLEUS Teams form a CELL Team. The CELL Team is responsible for one of the ten Theme areas. There are ten CELL Teams. Each CELL will meet for three hours (S7 and S9) and will be coordinated by an Officer from IITMRP. On day 3 of the symposium, each CELL Team (cell will chose a leader amongst them) will make a 10-minute presentation on Vision 2047 for the Theme for the entire symposium.
  • For each of the ten Theme areas, a two-page note is prepared and has been sent to all Members of the CELL handling the theme before the Conference. The note is prepared by Senior Faculty and Innovators at IITM and IITMRP.
  • In addition, there will be 19 presentations of 15 minute each in four sessions (S1, S3, S11 and S12) on day 1 and day 3. These will be sharp presentations by Senior Faculty and Entrepreneurs of IIT Madras. The presentations will help the CELLS to evolve the vision 2047 for each Thematic area.
  • Within 7 days of the end of the Conference, that is by 16th of March 2022, each CELL will prepare a three-page report in their Thematic areas.
  • Each CELL is expected to prepare a detailed twenty-page Vision paper by 15th of June 2022 for their Theme. This paper will be updated every six months over the next three years. The CELL Members and the IITMRP Coordinator for each Theme is expected to stay in touch regularly in virtual mode to evolve these documents.
  • IITMRP will put together the individual Theme papers into Vision 2047 document and keep updating it periodically.
The early vision summary can be read from here


The Vision 2047 will be evolved in 10 theme areas

The overarching thread will be Research and Development, Innovation and Digital Governance. This will be pursued in each of the Theme areas.

Speaker Presentations

Thanks to the efforts of about 200 people, Symposium
on Imagining India @2047 went on very well.
The work now begins. In each of the theme areas,
the WhatsApp group and email-group ID is given below.

  1. Energy and Net
  3. Health Care and Assistive
  5. Infrastructure and
  6. Transport and
  7. Urbanization and
  8. Rural Development and
  9. Fintech and
  10. Information Security and Defense

We welcome feedback on draft note towards vision 2047. Please send your response at the email ID of the respective themes


Day 1

Day 3 (morning session)

Day 3 Cell Presentations