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Innovation Eco System

Innovation thrives when faculty, students and industry professionals interact in a formal or informal environment. India’s first university-based research park, IIT Madras Research was conceived by the visionary Professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala. With his leadership, IITMRP epitomises what can be achieved by a confluence of bringing unlike minds together. Today, it has become a paradigm for innovation ecosystems across geographical boundaries. Courted by 5 individual towers interconnected by skywalks, IITMRP was designed by one of India’s leading architects. Spread across 11.42 acres, IITMRP provides over 1.2 million square feet of workspace with several formal, informal, theme-based meeting and networking lounges. Aptly named, the Industry-Academia Bridge links IITMRP to IIT Madras – a globally renowned Technology Institute.

With 16 Departments, over 600 Globally acclaimed Faculty, 3,500 Research Scholars, Hitech Laboratories, testing facilities, Innovation Centres and Students – who are among India’s best technology talent, IIT Madras is the bee-hive for academic excellence, research and innovation. Having incubated close to 200 startups with the nodal IITM incubator, IITMRP represents the commercially successful, scalable and innovative solutions it produces. It is is a vital extension of IIT Madras by driving creativity, innovation advancement and growth and entrepreneurship.