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Set up R&D Centre – Process

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Credit Point System

A proprietary system created by IITMRP, this system aspires to enhance industry-academia collaboration. By awarding credit points for every aspect of collaboration and mandating a minimum number of credit points based on acquired space, IITMRP aspires to setup a process that ensures collaboration.

Opportunities for collaboration the Credit Point System provides to R&D companies to ensure that the innovation ecosystem thrives:

  • Providing employment (internships/part-time/full-time) opportunities for students
  • Adopting home-grown technologies in your companies
  • Sponsoring or supporting technical events
  • Sponsoring employees to pursue MS/PhD programs
  • Guiding and supervising IIT Madras students and research scholars
  • Organising lectures by IIT Madras Faculty for your company
  • Partnering with IIT Madras’s Continuing Education Department to develop modules for your employees
  • Collaborative research with IIT Madras’s R&D centres and incubatees
  • Partnering and consulting on R&D projects with IIT Madras through its IC&SR Department
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