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Avoid the debt trap

Jun 11, 2024|

Avoid the debt trap: Suryanarayana was well placed in his company, drawing a salary of Rs 80,000 per month, and had some savings. He found a flat for sale, which he could purchase with his savings as a down payment and a bank loan of Rs 30 lakh.

EnVision, IIT Madras Research Park’s Flagship Energy Conference sets roadmap of technologies towards a Net-Zero India

Jan 10, 2024|

Chennai, 4th Jan 2024: In an endeavour to position India as a driving force in the transition towards a cleaner...

Has Tech matured to make a difference for Persons with Disabilities and the Geriatric?

Jul 31, 2023|

The development of assistive devices can overcome visual, hearing, and locomotor impairments, enabling individuals to communicate, access information, and engage with the world more effectively.

IIT Madras Research Park’s Summer Projects showcase how India’s youth can take on “impossible” challenges driving the technology landscape

Jul 31, 2023|

IIT Madras Research Park (IITMRP) in partnership with Maxelerator Foundation, brought together young tech talent to drive ambitious technologies, reimagining India’s tech landscape, focusing on the theme of “Impossible is Possible”. The 11-week Summer Project brought together 50 students from different campuses to work for 75 days on two ambitious and rather impossible sounding projects.

Look who wants to be the friendly neighbourhood banker to startups

Jul 18, 2023|

10thJuly, 2023: Ankit Poddar, founder of building management tech startup ZedBee, needed money to expand business and as working capital. Venture capital investment was tough given the market, and large banks were often out of touch with the realities of the startup world.

IIT Madras Research Park is trying to create more Ranchos

Jul 05, 2023|

Exciting things are happening at IIT Madras Research Park (IIT-M RP) this summer. A group of 50 starry-eyed engineering students from colleges across Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Kerala are spending two-and-a-half months at the innovation ecosystem working with senior engineers, faculty and mentors on technology solutions for social impact.

Created over 300 deep-tech startups in past 12 years: Ashok Jhunjhunwala, IIT Madras

Jun 19, 2023|

The Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT-M)’s incubation centre created over 300 deep-tech startups in the past 12 years, 82% of which survive beyond the first five years, said Ashok Jhunjhunwala, president of IIT-M Research Park and Incubation Cell, and a professor at the institute.

‘I am a mappillai of Tamil Nadu … this is my karmabhoomi’

Jun 14, 2023|

He set up the Telecommunications and Computer Networking Group (TENET) at IIT-Madras that helped chart India’s telecom journey in many ways including the transition to 5G. He also launched the IIT-M research park that is being emulated everywhere.

The Change-Maker

Jun 05, 2023|

“While growing up in a conservative Marwadi joint family in Kolkata, I often experienced frequent tussles between my family members over financial matters. Therefore, my first ambition as a child was to open a factory when I grew up so that I could provide for my family and live together with them happily.

IIT Madras Research Park and Reserve Bank Innovation hub to drive financial inclusion through Indian regional languages

Jun 02, 2023|

Young technologists brainstorm voice-driven banking services through hackathon at IITM Research Park

When our Gems leave us – A tribute to Rene Abraham by Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala

Apr 15, 2023|

In a heartfelt eulogy, Professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala commemorates the passing of his exceptional student, Mr. Rene Abraham, who recently passed away. Throughout his tribute, Professor Jhunjhunwala reflected on his first encounter with Mr. Rene and the impressive intellect, curiosity, and natural talent he displayed. He also highlighted Mr. Rene's journey towards becoming one of India's most accomplished system designers and the profound impact he had on those around him.

Inside IIT Madras: Ace startup mentor Ashok Jhunjhunwala says entrepreneurs must be ready to fail multiple times

Apr 06, 2023|

The renowned academic advised them to be ready to fail multiple times, be realistic that they would not be able to draw any salaries at first and develop skills in multiple domains in order to make it big as entrepreneurs.

Professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala Honoured With The Prof. Krishnaji Memorial Lecture Award

Mar 18, 2023|

IIT Madras Research Park (IITMRP), India’s first university-based research park, today announced that Professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala, President, IITMRP was conferred with the prestigious “Prof. Krishnaji Memorial Lecture Award (2022)” by The National Academy of Sciences (NASI) on the occasion of recently conducted National Science Day.

From Start-Ups To Unicorns: How IIT Madras Research Park Is Shaping Indian Entrepreneurs

Mar 18, 2023|

What does it take to establish and run a deep-tech haven that has given birth to some of India’s most notable start-up companies? Hear it first-hand from the visionary who laid the foundation for a novel innovation ecosystem that commercializes transformative deep-tech solutions for India and the world!

Inside IIT Madras: What makes the institute’s ecosystem a deep tech haven

Mar 18, 2023|

Hailing from a family that has produced businessmen over three generations, Kolkata-born Ankit Poddar terms himself as the ‘odd one out’ for choosing to study engineering, specifically computer engineering, in the early 2000s.

IIT Madras Research Park’s gambit to generate rural employment

Feb 21, 2023|

IIT Madras Research Park, a sprawling, 11.5 acre, 1.2 million sq ft complex that offers plug-and-play facilities for corporate R&D work, and earns ₹50-60 crore annually, is a veritable success story, but for its President, Prof Ashok Jhunjhunwala, the success is not good enough.

Valuation of IIT-M Incubation Cell’s start-ups seen touching ₹40,000 crore

Feb 19, 2023|

While a strong base has been created, the journey has just begun: Prof. Jhunjhunwala Chennai, February19, 2023:In the dozen years after Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala set up his dream twin projects – IIT Madras Research Park and IIT Madras Incubation Cell – both the Section 8 companies are giving the professor cheer.

IIT-M Research Park & HTC Global partner to set up data annotation centre at Tirunelveli

Feb 16, 2023|

Chennai, February15, 2023: IIT-Madras Research Park has partnered with IT firm HTC Global Services and industry body NASSCOM to set up a rural BPO (business process outsourcing) centre in Reddiarpatti in Tirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu.

The Moo’ve to disrupt India’s dairy industry An IITMIC incubated startup case study

Jan 09, 2023|

Milk is the largest crop on this planet. Despite the massive numbers, there is a strong need for technology intervention, especially in the emerging markets where the yield per animal is low, traceability is inadequate, and quality is not up to the mark.

Professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala speaks toDeep Tech Musings on “Building India’s foremost deep-tech startup hub – IITM Incubation Cell”

Dec 24, 2022|

Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala, President – IIT Madras Research Park (IITMRP), IITM Incubation Cell & RTBI (IITM’s Rural Technology and Business Incubator) in a comprehensive and in-depth exchange, spoke to Pronojit Saha, Deep Tech Musings on “Building India’s foremost deep-tech startup hub – IITM Incubation Cell”. 

IIT Madras Research Park releases Technology Validation Report on Vision and AI and its application in Process Industry

Dec 13, 2022|

Chennai, December 13, 2022: IIT Madras Research Park (IITMRP), India’s first University-based Research Park and IIT Madras Incubation Cell, India's leading Deep-tech Start-up hub, conducted a day-long event on Vision & AI Technology – Towards Industry 4.0.

IIT-M Research Park to extend support to more start-ups in Assistive Tech space

Nov 10, 2022|

CHENNAI 7th November 2022: The IIT Madras Research Park (IITMRP) has incubated and supported around 10 start-ups in the Assistive Technology (AT) space and intends to increase this number by ten-fold in the future.

Envision – India’s First Energy festival driving Industry- Academia led technology transformation towards Net Zero Emissions in India

Nov 08, 2022|

Chennai, October 28th, 2022: In an endeavor to set the vision for Industry-Academia led technology transformation aimed at taking India towards Net-Zero by 2047, IIT Madras Research Park along with India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) is organising ENVISION – India’s First Energy Festival  at IITMRP between 3rd-5th November, 2022. 

IIT Madras Incubation Cell partners with SSN Incubation Foundation to support and scale budding entrepreneurs in Tamil Nadu

Nov 08, 2022|

Chennai, October 29th, 2022: IITM Incubation Cell (IITMIC), India's leading Deep-tech Start-up hub, announced its partnership with SSN Incubation Foundation (SSN iFound), Chennai – the incubation & innovation wing supported by SSN College of Engineering. Through the partnership, IITMIC aims to support SSN iFound in developing an ecosystem that nurtures a culture of building things and provides incubation support to promising entrepreneurial ventures.

AT: A potential gateway for startups to succeed

Nov 08, 2022|

CHENNAI 1st November 2022: Startups in the AT space serve a very niche but very fragmented market. The conventional approach to selling to the masses does not exist in this vertical, mainly because the consumers are different, there are special needs for varied disabilities, and the challenges therefore associated with all stages of product development i.e., from prototyping to selling a finished product in the market is not an easy wave to tide.

How wide is the gap in the AT sphere?

Nov 08, 2022|

CHENNAI 26th October 2022: Assistive Technology (AT) enables people with disabilities to live a healthy, productive, independent, and dignified lives, and to participate in education, the labour market and in civic life. Assistive technology reduces the need for formal health and support services, long-term care, and the work of caregivers. Without assistive technology, people are often excluded, isolated, and locked into poverty, thereby increasing the impact of disease and disability on a person, their family, and society.

A Dronacharya’s buzzing incubator of startup dreams

Nov 08, 2022|

Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala throws light on the origin of IITM Research Park, the journey of its spectacular success to make the “impossible, possible”, commercializing Indian R&D to global markets, incubating some of India’s most impactful deep-tech startups and to today becoming "The Incubator of Dreams" to countless more that tread the same path.

IITM Research Park’s COE develops an indigenous 5KW PMSM motor & controller for E-Autos

Oct 31, 2022|

Installation of motor to help convert autos into electric models affordably, efficiently IITM Research Park’s Centre of Excellence in Battery Engineering and Electric Vehicles (CBEEV), today announced the launch of its high efficiency Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) Electric Motor & Controller for E-Autos, tailor-made for Indian temperature conditions & terrains.

India, wake up! An Assistive Technology market awaits to be tapped

Oct 26, 2022|

CHENNAI 19th October 2022: Two billion people is the number of people who are going to need at least 1 assistive product by 2030, with many older people needing 2 or more. This is the prediction made by the World Health Organization (WHO).

IIT-Madras Research Park bets big in Assistive Technology space

Oct 26, 2022|

The facility intends to help create several start-ups in the coming years CHENNAI 13th October 2022: As a part of its 10X programme, IIT-Madras Research Park is betting big in the Assistive Technology (AT) space and intends to help create several start-ups in the coming years

Is the cost of Assistive Technology devices a barrier for the well-being of the differently abled?

Oct 11, 2022|

Today, it is possible to have devices which can significantly improve the quality of life for Persons with Disabilities (PwD) and elderly people. However, the challenge will be to make these devices affordable and ensure that everyone who needs it, is able to access it and use it.

Towards the design and evaluation of more sustainable multimedia experiences: which role can QoE research play?

Oct 11, 2022|

In this column, we reflect on the environmental impact and broader sustainability implications of resource-demanding digital applications and services such as video streaming, VR/AR/XR and videoconferencing. We put emphasis not only on the experiences and use cases they enable but also on the “cost” of always striving for high Quality of Experience (QoE) and better user experiences. Starting by sketching the broader context, our aim is to raise awareness about the role that QoE research can play in the context of various of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), either directly (e.g., SDG 13 “climate action”) or more indirectly (e.g., SDG 3 “good health and well-being” and SDG 12 “responsible consumption and production”).

IIT-M Incubation Cell partners with NativeLead Foundation to nurture & scale Startups in Tamil Nadu

Sep 02, 2022|

IITM Incubation Cell, India's leading Deep-tech Start-up hub, announced its partnership with NativeLead Foundation - India’s first angel driven ecosystem, empowering young minds of Tamil Nadu to become innovators and entrepreneurs. The partnership aims to identify, nurture and help scale startups from Institutes, Incubators particularly in Tier 2/3/4 cities – local entrepreneurs, address local challenges and build solutions for wider impact.

How Uniphore Became A Unicorn

Sep 01, 2022|

'I told myself, I will be 23 next year. Why can't I be a billionaire too?' August 26th, 2022 Way back in 1997 when's Shobha Warrier first interviewed Professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala on the Wireless in Local Look technology he had invented along with his research team, there was an Incubation Cell next to his room where young students experimented with their innovative ideas.

Whole Body Digital Twin technology will soon reverse diabetes naturally: Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala, IIT Madras Research Park

Aug 22, 2022|

The vision of HTIC is to develop technologies that create, impact and drive innovation in healthcare and be a leader known for technical excellence and collaborative spirit. “Twin health” is one such incubation based on AI technology that is about reversal of diabetes in a very different way. It is not about putting more medicines. It is more about listening to the body.

Professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala delivers keynote speech at IEEE TENSYSMP2022 on “How soon can India get to Net-Zero?”

Aug 05, 2022|

Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala, President – IIT Madras Research Park (IITMRP) & IITM Incubation Cell delivered a keynote speech at the IEEE Region 10 Symposium (TENSYMP), one of the official annual conferences owned and organised by the IEEE REGION 10 (Asia Pacific) on "How soon can India get to Net-Zero?".

We want to incubate 1,000 startups a year: IIT-M Director

Jul 29, 2022|

One of the first Indian Institutes of Technology to be established in the country, IIT-Madras continues to top national-level rankings. DH’s ETB Sivapriyan spoke to IIT-M Director Prof V Kamakoti on the institute’s success, the 5G bed project, incubating startups at the Research Park, monitoring startups, and on the question of social inclusivity.

IESA and IIT Madras Research Park Partner to Support Innovations and Entrepreneurship

Jul 18, 2022|

India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with IIT Madras Research Park (IITMRP), Chennai, to collaborate on activities that will foster and support innovations and entrepreneurship ecosystem at IITMRP.

Tamil Nadu: Health technology set for growth spurt

Jun 21, 2022|

CHENNAI: For a state that is a hub for medical tourism, Tamil Nadu figures low as a healthcare innovation and R&D hub. Barring medical devices manufacturing, it has lost out to neighbours Telangana and Karnataka. However, industry trackers say there are green shoots. Most experts TOI spoke to pin their hopes on the IIT-Madras ecosystem.It houses both a healthcare incubation facility (Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre (HTIC) and medtech incubator)and a biotech incubator where startups are working on the next big technology in healthcare.

IIT Madras Research Park & IITM Incubation Cell release a report on ‘Financial Inclusion Challenges’

Jun 20, 2022|

CHENNAI 14th June 2022: IIT Madras Research Park (IITMRP), India’s first University-based Research Park and IITM Incubation Cell, India's leading Deep-tech Start-up hub, released a report today on ‘Financial Inclusion Challenges’ in the country. It highlights the challenges faced by low-income groups and senior citizens in availing financial services and recommends possible solutions

Professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala speaks to Emerging Tech Radio on “Building an ecosystem for budding, clean-tech entrepreneurs”

Jun 07, 2022|

Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala, President - IIT Madras Research Park (IITMRP), IITM Incubation Cell & RTBI (IITM's Rural Technology and Business Incubator) in a comprehensive and in-depth exchange, spoke to India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA)'s Emerging Tech Radio podcast on "Building an ecosystem for budding, clean-tech entrepreneurs".

Telecom minister Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw makes India’s first 5G call from indigenous 5G testbed at IITM Research Park

May 26, 2022|

The Hon’ble Union minister for Railways, Communications & Information Technology, Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw visited the indigenously developed 5G testbed at IIT Madras Research Park (IITMRP) on Thursday, 19th May, 2022.

Professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala receives the “Lifetime Achievement Award” at the 5th IESA Industry Excellence Awards

May 20, 2022|

3rd May 2022 Professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala, President, IITM Research Park, IITM Incubation Cell & RTBI, was conferred with the prestigious “Lifetime Achievement Award” at the 5th India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) Industry Excellence Awards, held on 3rd May 2022 for his pivotal role in spearheading Energy Storage & EV innovation.

IITMIC-KRIA’tive Innovation Awards 2022: IIT Madras Incubation Cell and Kria Law join hands to award exemplary innovations by young innovators

May 20, 2022|

CHENNAI 28th April 2022: The IIT Madras Incubation Cell (IITMIC), spearheading India’s leading deeptech startup ecosystem, in partnership with KRIA Law, a full-service law firm with its core in Intellectual Property Laws, hosted the inaugural edition of the annual “IITMIC-KRIA'tive Innovation Awards” coinciding with the World IP Day on April 26th, 2022.

Professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala receives the Lifetime Achievement Award by the 21st Telecom Leadership Forum organized by Voice & Data

Mar 24, 2022|

IProfessor Ashok Jhunjhunwala, President - IITM Research Park, IITM Incubation Cell & Rural Technology Business Incubator (RTBI) was conferred the prestigious “Voice & Data Lifetime Achievement Award” at the 21st Edition of the Telecom Leadership Awards, held on 22nd March 2022 for his outstanding contribution to the Indian telecom ecosystem.

IIT Madras Incubation Cell and RBI Innovation Hub join hands to nurture financial innovation and inclusion in India

Mar 22, 2022|

India's leading deep-tech startup hub spearheaded by IIT Madras Incubation Cell (IITMIC) and RBI Innovation Hub (RBIH), a wholly owned subsidiary of Reserve Bank of India, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work together in developing the ecosystem necessary to support and scale fintech startups in India.

Symposium on ‘Imagining India@2047 through innovation’ concludes with a collective vision for India envisioned by pioneering young minds

Mar 22, 2022|

IAS officers, academics, and startups were brought together to brainstorm innovative solutions with an emphasis on self-reliant indigenous technologies Chennai, 7-9th February 2022

Saint-Gobain India Inks Mou With IIT Madras Research Park To Collaborate On Technologies And Approaches Towards 100% Renewable Energy

Feb 14, 2022|

Saint-Gobain India Pvt. Ltd., and IIT Madras Research Park have signed an MoU today to develop a 100% Renewable Energy (RE) – Research Park. As part of the MoU, Saint-Gobain India will be supporting IIT Madras Research Park with a funding of INR 1 crore (€110,000) over the next 3 years. Through this collaboration, the aim is to boost the transformation towards a low carbon future and to aid India in achieving 100% renewable energy.

IITMRP engages IITM Professors to propel India in it’s race towards 100% RE

Jan 24, 2022|

In pursuit of the mammoth vision of India's transition to 100% RE, IITMRP is engaging three IITM professors to innovate and benchmark sustainable energy solutions, paving the way for Research Park and similar larger commercial complexes to go completely "green". Read more about their work here.

Ohmium partners with IIT Madras Research Park

Jan 20, 2022|

Ohmium International has partnered with IIT Madras Research Park (IITMRP) to accelerate Polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) electrolyzer performance enhancements. Both the entities have announced a R&D partnership, which will accelerate the production implementation of PEM electrolyzer technology enhancements, a statement said.

IIT Madras Energy Summit on Enabling Transformation towards a Low-carbon Future – 14th to 16th December 2021 – IIT Madras Research Park

Dec 30, 2021|

The IIT Madras Energy Summit, a uniquely positioned technology convening was announced as a part of the inaugural edition of the annual showcase of the IIT Madras Energy Consortium. The Summit was held at the IIT Madras Research Park from the 14th, 15th, and 16th December 2021.

Indo-UK Seminar on Collaborative Approaches towards Net Zero emissions December 17th, 2021 – IIT Madras Research Park

Dec 19, 2021|

As a part of the MoU between IIT Madras Research Park and the University of St Andrews, UK, a Policy-Technology seminar was jointly conducted on 17th December 2021 focusing on Collaborative approaches towards Net-Zero emissions. This served as the first of many seminars planned between the two institutions.

Samunnati Foundation and IIT-M incubation Cell partner to support startups

Dec 14, 2021|

CHENNAI: Samunnati Foundation, a non-profit subsidiary of agritech enterprise Samunnati Finance, has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with IIT Madras' Incubation Cell (IITMIC) to develop innovation in agriculture and help support agritech startups in their goals.

IIT Madras faculty founded 94 startups till Oct, valued at over Rs 1,400 cr

Dec 09, 2021|

From a startup aiming to make hybrid aerial vehicles to the ones working on converting waste to crude oil and efficient water transport solutions, faculty members at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras founded at least 94 enterprises having a combined valuation of over Rs 1,400 crore.

10X goals of IITM Research Park (IITMRP) and IITM Incubation Cell (IITMIC)

Dec 06, 2021|

Right after independence five autonomous and highly funded IITs were created as “cornerstones in building the industrial, scientific and technological edifice of the nation.” And the IITs did well. By 1970s, they built a strong undergraduate program which could compete with the best in the world.

Knowledge Summit – Sustainable Energy Workshop at IIT Madras Research Park

Dec 01, 2021|

As a part of the Third edition of the Knowledge Summit (KS3), IIT Madras Research Park, the French Institute in India, IIT Madras and Paris Saclay jointly hosted a Workshop on Sustainable Energy on the 25th & 26th November 2021.

IIT-Madras Research Park partners with St Andrews University for renewable energy goals

Nov 03, 2021|

CHENNAI: IIT-Madras Research Park on Friday said it is collaborating with University of St Andrews (UoSA), UK, to help India achieve 100% of the country’s energy requirements through renewable energy.

Stanford in south Chennai: IIT-M’s incubation cell creates most successful startup ecosystem

Nov 03, 2021|

CHENNAI: Innovate, imitate and replicate. That is the mantra the country’s largest and most successful startup incubator follows. The incubation cell at the Indian Institute of Technology-Madras (IIT-M) is modelled on the Stanford University’s system and aims at getting its best tech brains to handhold startups.

Official visit of IIT Madras Research Park by the Hon. Minister for Finance and Human Resources Management, Govt. of Tamil Nadu

Sep 30, 2021|

The Hon. Minister for Finance and Human Resources Management, Govt. of Tamil Nadu, Dr. P. T. R. Palanivel Thiaga Rajan accompanied by a key member of his team visited IITM Research Park Campus. Escorted by the senior leadership team, he took time to observe and deeply appreciate the ingenious innovation ecosystem upheld at Research Park that collectively brings together the brightest minds, leading innovators, experienced professionals, and start-ups under one roof.

IIT-Madras Research Park plans to move away from grid power

Aug 11, 2021|

CHENNAI: Adopting a twin approach — to wean away from dirty energy and also evangelising renewable energy — IIT Madras Research Park may set up micro nuclear plants, tap into low intensity ocean waves or set up large hydrogen storage to energise its operations. And in the process add to its sustainable portfolio. IIT Madras Research Park, designed on the models of Bay Area is a confluence of industry and academia.

Towards 100% Renewable Energy (RE) – An IIT Madras Research Park and IITM Institute of Eminence Initiative

Aug 03, 2021|

Global warming is a major challenge all over the world today. If the world fails to act fast on it, the earth will be in serious trouble over the next twenty to twenty-five years. The global warming is largely due high use of fossil-based energy in the world. India ranks 142nd in the world in terms of per-capita electricity consumption. One may feel that with such low per-capita consumption, the onus on reversing global warming does not lie with us and should be taken up by those who consume over ten times or more energy as compared to India’s.

Lessons from IITs and IITMRP journey and India’s future Challenges

Jul 14, 2021|

At the time of independence, India had practically no modern technical base and it needed rapid development and new technologies. Five IITs were created as “cornerstones in building the industrial, scientific and technological edifice of the nation” in 1950’s. They were entirely autonomous institutions, supported by some of the best international universities and fully funded by Government of India at a level much higher than other institutions. The Quality was supposed to be the hallmark.


Apr 01, 2021|

India needs Electric Vehicles (EVs) more than most other countries. We have fourteen of the twenty most polluted cities in the world. Our oil import bill severely impacts our economy. Electric Vehicles, with four-times higher energy efficiency as compared to the petrol vehicles, would be the obvious way to go.

IIT Madras Prof Ashok Jhunjhunwala to be part of RBI’s innovation hub to promote Fintech research

Nov 18, 2020|

The Hub will collaborate with financial sector institutions, technology industry and academic institutions and coordinate efforts for exchange of ideas and development of prototypes

Dr Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Professor In-Charge IITM Research Park met with the Hon’ble CM Thiru Edappadi K Palanisami

Nov 13, 2020|

Dr Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Professor In-Charge IITM Research Park met with the Hon’ble CM Thiru Edappadi K Palanisami at the Secretariat yesterday

IITM-IC Incubated Startup, AgniKul Cosmos ties up with a global space port to test its Launch Vehicle from the Pacific Spaceport Complex

Oct 01, 2020|

Chennai-based space startup Agnikul Cosmos has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Alaska Aerospace Corporation to test launch its launch vehicle -- Agnibaan -- from the Pacific Spaceport Complex - Alaska on Kodiak Island in the US.

IIT Madras Develops ‘MOUSHIK’ Microprocessor For IoT Devices

Sep 28, 2020|

Indian Institute of Technology Madras Researchers have successfully booted up MOUSHIK, an indigenously-made Microprocessor. MOUSHIK is a processor cum system on chip that can cater to the rapidly-growing IoT devices, an integral part of Smart Cities of a Digital India.

IITMRP housed start-up awarded “Enterprise Mobility Management Solution of the Year” at the 5th ISV Virtual Summit & Awards 2020

Jul 27, 2020|

Esmito Solutions, a start-up company established at the IIT Madras Research Park has been awarded the "Enterprise Mobility Management Solution of the Year" at the 5th ISV Virtual Summit & Awards 2020.

IIT Madras launches world’s first online BSc degree in Programming and Data Science

Jul 05, 2020|

IIT Madras launches World’s first-ever Online B.Sc. Degree in Programming and Data Science. First-ever online degree by an IIT to democratize quality education by removing barriers; Applicants can be from any discipline and based anywhere in India; 3 stages for learners to choose from: Certificate, Diploma or Degree.

IIT Madras is Country’s Best in the field of Higher Education, 5th time in a row according to the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF)

Jun 11, 2020|

IIT Madras is Country’s Best in the field of Higher Education, 5th time in a row according to the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF)

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