IITMRP housed start-up awarded “Enterprise Mobility Management Solution of the Year” at the 5th ISV Virtual Summit & Awards 2020

July 25th, 2020

Chennai:  Esmito Solutions, a start-up company established at the IIT Madras Research Park has been awarded the “Enterprise Mobility Management Solution of the Year” at the 5th ISV Virtual Summit & Awards 2020.

Esmito Solutions focus on research and development relating to challenges with EV Infrastructure Integration & Enhancement, Battery swapping and Management. Esmito has developed an intelligent cloud-based platform for EVs with capabilities of real-time monitoring and control of EV assets. Esmito offers solutions integrated with Deep Analytics & Intelligent Diagnostics which assist in optimal EV asset utilization.

The 5th Indian ISV Awards 2020 is an initiative from Techplus Media Publication to recognize the best ICT Solutions by independent software vendors, SaaS Providers, Systems Integrators, Solution VARs, and MSPs across INDIA. The categories based on which assessments are made include Cloud/Mobility/Apps, Education & Skill Development, Healthcare, Smart city and so on. This initiative is aimed at inspiring, recognizing and endorsing top performing entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses as Technology Implementers & Providers with the best applications across domains for the most lucrative solutions across the sector. The awards recognize the solutions that are intriguing or unique and acknowledge their skill in delivering world class IT solutions to end users.

The award comes as yet another feather in the cap for IIT Madras Research Park as we continue to work towards supporting and encouraging start-ups and young entrepreneurs in the field of Battery Engineering and Electric Vehicles towards creating meaningful, viable and effective solutions for a sustainable future.