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Want to be a part of this ecosystem of innovation? Here are things you should know before joining our community.

What is IIT Madras Research Park?2019-09-23T14:15:30+05:30

Modelled on the lines of successful research parks such as Stanford, MIT and Harvard, IIT Madras Research Park was created to enable companies with a research focus to set up their R&D centre in the Park and leverage the expertise of IIT Madras.

Why should my company locate its R&D centre at IIT Madras Research Park?2019-12-18T08:20:25+05:30

While giving access to high-quality infrastructure, IIT Madras Research Park facilitates a collaborative relationship between clients and IIT Madras. As a client, you have the opportunity to tap into the research wealth of one of the leading technological institutions in the country.

How many companies are there in the Park?2019-12-16T08:15:05+05:30

Currently, IIT Madras Research Park is home to more than 70 R&D centres and 200 startup ventures.

How big is the IIT Madras Research Park?2019-09-23T14:23:15+05:30

The IIT Madras Research Park is located on an 11.42-acre campus and is linked to IIT Madras via the Industry-Academia Bridge. The Research Park provides over 1.2 million square feet of workspace with several formal, informal, theme-based meeting and networking lounges to nurture, promote and sustain innovation through Industry-Academia collaboration.

I’m interested in setting up my company’s R&D centre at IIT Madras Research Park. How do I go about this?2019-12-18T08:20:34+05:30

IITMRP is a welcoming community promoting innovation through collaboration. The process to set up your R&D facility is simple. Read more here.

What kind of companies are located at IIT Madras Research Park?2019-12-16T08:11:53+05:30

While we are always on the quest to work with innovative and brilliant minds, we tend to draw and be drawn to technology and knowledge-based companies and companies with a strong social and strategic impact.

What accommodation options exist for start-up companies?2019-12-18T06:53:32+05:30

To promote a startup ecosystem, IIT Madras Research Park has assigned collaborative workspace to IIT Madras Incubation Cell to accommodate the needs of startup companies.

What benefits do startups get?2019-12-16T07:55:04+05:30

IIT Madras Incubation Cell offers services like seed funding, branding, mentoring, networking and business support services with access to the best research labs in Chennai to support incubatees.

When was the IIT Madras Research Park first established?2019-07-11T06:09:34+05:30

IIT Madras Research Park was established in 2009.

How far is the IIT Madras Research Park from IIT Madras?2019-12-16T07:36:56+05:30

IIT Madras Research Park is located adjacent to IIT Madras, connected via the Industry-Academia Bridge.

What on-site facilities and amenities are available to companies located at IIT Madras Research Park?2019-12-16T08:07:04+05:30

Apart from sharing a close collaborative relationship with IIT Madras, you have access to all facilities including ATM, Auditorium, Creche, Conference Halls, Discussion Rooms, Fitness Centre, Fine Dining Restaurant, Lounges and Transit accommodation.

Will my company’s intellectual property rights be protected?2019-12-16T07:36:04+05:30

We respect the IPR of our Clients. When client companies take up R&D work along with IIT Madras, it is as per the negotiated terms as part of the agreement between the two parties (Client & IIT Madras) and the IPR rights are a part of such negotiated terms. Usually, IIT Madras allows all IPR to be assigned exclusively to the company based on pre-agreed financial arrangements.