Ohmium International has partnered with IIT Madras Research Park (IITMRP) to accelerate Polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) electrolyzer performance enhancements. Both the entities have announced a R&D partnership, which will accelerate the production implementation of PEM electrolyzer technology enhancements, a statement said.

Ohmium International enables industries to deploy green hydrogen for a sustainable future. The company’s suite of electrochemical products enables customers to achieve maximum value in industrial, transportation and energy projects.

Ohmium is headquartered in the United States with R&D centers in Silicon Valley (US) and Bangalore and manufacturing center in India. https://www.sunjournal.com/ forum xanax online IITMRP and Ohmium will work together to re-power campuses throughout India with 100 per cent renewable energy.

“This partnership will enable Ohmium to rapidly translate technology advances in performance and cost reduction into actual production at our Bangalore Gigafactory. The synergies created are very powerful,” Arne Ballentine, CEO of Ohmium International said in the statement.

Professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Founder and Director of IITMRP said “we can make use of Green Hydrogen in Cement & Steel plants and for manufacturing of Green Ammonia. Ohmium’s presence at IITMRP will help India move towards net-zero early.”

India is one of the world’s leading renewable energy producers, reliably producing clean electricity at lower cost than fossil-fuel generated electricity.

Author: PTI
Jan 18, 2022
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