We bring to you from the archives of December 1, 2017, the blog series titled ‘Understanding the EV Elephant’ written by Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala discussing India’s approaches toward Electric Vehicles.

The series of blogs is organized as follows:

I. Introduction to the blog: Understanding the EV Elephant
II. India’s Dilemma with respect to Electric Vehicles
III. India’s EV Strategy to win
IV. Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Electric Vehicles
V. Electric Vehicle batteries in 2017
VI. Charging and Swapping Options for Electric Vehicles
VII. Business Case for an Energy Operator: Four-wheeler Example
VIII. Locked Smart (LS) Batteries and Communication protocols
IX. Electric Autos: Business for an Energy Operator (EO)
X. e-Buses: Business for an Energy Operator (EO)
XI. EV Charging Infrastructure for India
XII. Factors Contribution to fall in Li Ion battery prices
XIII. EV Infrastructure for Indian Cities – Part 1
XIV: EV Infrastructure for Indian Cities – Part 2
XV: Battery size and voltage for small Electric Vehicles: Does DC001 Fast Charger have relevance?

Two other articles on the topic that were written for newspapers are also part of the blog. They are:
1. Crying Wolf over EV
2. Ride the EV wave: Don’t Resist it

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