IIT-Madras Research Park plans to move away from grid power

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CHENNAI: Adopting a twin approach — to wean away from dirty energy and also evangelising renewable energy — IIT Madras Research Park may set up micro nuclear plants, tap into low intensity ocean waves or set up large hydrogen storage to energise its operations. And in the process add to its sustainable portfolio. IIT Madras Research Park, designed on the models of Bay Area is a confluence of industry and academia.

Towards 100% Renewable Energy (RE) – An IIT Madras Research Park and IITM Institute of Eminence Initiative

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Global warming is a major challenge all over the world today. If the world fails to act fast on it, the earth will be in serious trouble over the next twenty to twenty-five years. The global warming is largely due high use of fossil-based energy in the world. India ranks 142nd in the world in terms of per-capita electricity consumption. One may feel that with such low per-capita consumption, the onus on reversing global warming does not lie with us and should be taken up by those who consume over ten times or more energy as compared to India’s.

Lessons from IITs and IITMRP journey and India’s future Challenges

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At the time of independence, India had practically no modern technical base and it needed rapid development and new technologies. Five IITs were created as “cornerstones in building the industrial, scientific and technological edifice of the nation” in 1950’s. They were entirely autonomous institutions, supported by some of the best international universities and fully funded by Government of India at a level much higher than other institutions. The Quality was supposed to be the hallmark.


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India needs Electric Vehicles (EVs) more than most other countries. We have fourteen of the twenty most polluted cities in the world. Our oil import bill severely impacts our economy. Electric Vehicles, with four-times higher energy efficiency as compared to the petrol vehicles, would be the obvious way to go.

IIT Madras Prof Ashok Jhunjhunwala to be part of RBI’s innovation hub to promote Fintech research

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The Hub will collaborate with financial sector institutions, technology industry and academic institutions and coordinate efforts for exchange of ideas and development of prototypes

Dr Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Professor In-Charge IITM Research Park met with the Hon’ble CM Thiru Edappadi K Palanisami

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Dr Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Professor In-Charge IITM Research Park met with the Hon’ble CM Thiru Edappadi K Palanisami at the Secretariat yesterday

IITM-IC Incubated Startup, AgniKul Cosmos ties up with a global space port to test its Launch Vehicle from the Pacific Spaceport Complex

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Chennai-based space startup Agnikul Cosmos has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Alaska Aerospace Corporation to test launch its launch vehicle -- Agnibaan -- from the Pacific Spaceport Complex - Alaska on Kodiak Island in the US.

IIT Madras Develops ‘MOUSHIK’ Microprocessor For IoT Devices

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Indian Institute of Technology Madras Researchers have successfully booted up MOUSHIK, an indigenously-made Microprocessor. MOUSHIK is a processor cum system on chip that can cater to the rapidly-growing IoT devices, an integral part of Smart Cities of a Digital India.