May 3, 2024: Vishnuvardhan J’s (CEO and co-founder) experience in oil and gas process automation and digitisation, Rathees’ (CTO and co-founder) expertise in product development and Karthick’s (founding member and Director) fascination with XR technologies leverages Crion technologies strengths.

Clonos – the digital twin

At the heart of their offering is clonos, an innovative digital twin platform designed to revolutionise asset management in the oil and gas industry. It creates virtual replicas of physical assets like drilling rigs, pipelines, refineries, and storage facilities and continuously updates with real-time data from sensors and IoT devices. This helps in predictive maintenance, performance optimisation, risk management, spatial awareness and remote and real time monitoring.

Incubated at the IITM Research Park in 2016, Crion Technologies had developed sophisticated technology but found it difficult to garner clients. “With a prototype of our digital twin platform, I personally reached out to executives at leading oil and gas companies. After months of persistence and countless meetings, we finally secured an appointment. Determined to make a lasting impression, I arrived armed with a live demonstration of our platform, showcasing its capabilities in real-time. We could see the excitement building in the room. By the end of the demonstration, customer was thoroughly impressed and eager to discuss further collaboration. That meeting marked a turning point for Crion Technologies,” explained Vishnu enthusiastically. Today the company has clocked Rs 1.91 crore revenue in FY24 and boasts of a clientele that includes ABB, CPCL, BPCL, IOCL, HPCL, Saint Gobain and Dell. In a pre-seed funding, the company raised Rs 1 crore at a Rs 10 crore valuation with an order book value of Rs 5.7 crore.

Clonos’ growth over the next five years is likely to be fueled by a combination of innovation, market expansion, strategic partnerships and a relentless focus on customer success. As digital twin technology continues to evolve and gain traction across industries, Clonos is well-positioned to capitalise emerging opportunities.

Publication: Industrial Economist

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