Highlights application potential and solutions developed by IITMIC incubatee Detect Technologies

Chennai, December 13, 2022: IIT Madras Research Park (IITMRP), India’s first University-based Research Park and IIT Madras Incubation Cell, India’s leading Deep-tech Start-up hub, conducted a day-long event on Vision & AI Technology – Towards Industry 4.0. The event brought together technology experts, institute faculty and startups to share insights & brainstorm the extensive application of Vision & AI, results of their deployment in key projects, opportunities to commercialize the technology and potential market-issues towards Industry 4.0.

Showcasing Vision & AI’s game changing potential to transform the manufacturing and process industry, IITMRP released a Technology Validation Report of IITMIC incubatee Detect Technologies, extensively focusing on the application potential and commercial viability of the technology and solutions developed by the startup.

The Technology Validation report takes an indepth a high-level assessment of Detect’s cutting-edge Industrial AI platform to determine the potential commercial viability of their Vision and AI technology and solutions. Highlights of the report include an overview of the technologies used, results of their deployment in key client projects, opportunities to commercialize the technology and the potential market issues the technology may face in gaining market access. The indigenously technology, developed with the support of the R&D ecosystem at IITMRP, is now being deployed globally across various industrial sectors to enhance industrial efficiency.

Speaking on the report findings Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala, President – IIT Madras Research Park, IITM Incubation Cell & RTBI, said, “The 10X program of IITMRP has a goal of taking certain R&D efforts in India to scaled commercialization, such that the products developed in India generate a revenue of Rs. 1000 crore per year. Detect is a company incubated at IITMIC. They have carried out
R&D and come up with products which monitors the processes of a largescale manufacturing industry using cameras, infrared cameras, ultrasonic sensors and drones. The data is then procured using AI technology, developed at Detect to comprehend the operations at the plant on real-time basis. It generates the alerts and the action plans to ensure the optimal functions. A study has been carried out by IIT professors on this technology and it is found to be strongly valuable.”

Detect has developed unique Vision & AI integrated products and solutions to manage the industrial risks for workforce, equipment, and process/productivity through intelligence at large process plants. Incubated by IIT Madras Incubation Cell, Detect is one of the companies which have been identified under IITMRP’s 10X initiative – R&D to Scaled Commercialisation.

The day-long event also featured a curated line-up of sessions including keynote lectures, interactive talks and panel discussions exploring themes of the future of automation and AI in industries to enhance productivity & safety and Vision & AI for process and manufacturing industries. Winners were also announced for the Student Hackathon on Vision, AI and ML that was conducted earlier the
same day, encouraging problem solving in future applications of the technology.

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