Australian Trade and Investment Commission, Australian Government pays a visit to IIT Madras Research Park

February 28, 2020

Chennai: Dr Stephanie Fahey, CEO Australian Trade and Investment Commission and Ms Catherine Gallagher, General Manager, South Asia – Austrade visited IIT Madras Research Park on 28th Feb 2020.

Austrade, the Australian Government agency responsible for promoting trade, investment and international education, and tourism policy, programs and research along with the Australian Minister of trade were visiting India. As a part of this schedule they visited the Research Park in Chennai and met with several start-ups. Dr. Fahey and Ms. Gallagher were received by Professor Jhunjhunwala & Dr Kaur of the Research Park, who gave them a brief introduction of the innovation ecosystem and the various research works undertaken within.

Dr Fahey said, the unique credit point system conceptualized by the Research Park correlating IIT Madras and Research Park is the secret element that gives it an edge over other such institutes making it outstanding.

After meeting with the start-ups and graduates, Dr. Fahey credited the Research Park of hosting the “absolute crème of innovation across India”. She also noted that the young minds within were driven by big purpose, working on problem statements relating to water, health, AI, EV’s and several other important issues and finding world-class solutions of global relevance for a better and sustainable future for all. She also encouraged that the Australian start-ups and Universities would stand to benefit from visiting the Research Park to imbibe its model bette