As a part of the MoU between IIT Madras Research Park and the University of St Andrews, UK, a Policy-Technology seminar was jointly conducted on 17th December 2021 focusing on Collaborative approaches towards Net-Zero emissions. This served as the first of many seminars planned between the two institutions.

The webinar provided an overview on the technology efforts being driven by each institution on renewable energy generation, innovative energy storage and energy efficiency, along with an introduction to the Policy drivers that will play a crucial role in India and the UK as they work towards a carbon neutral future.

The primary objectives of the webinar were:

  • To compare the approaches of UK/Scotland and India/Tamil Nadu towards addressing Net Zero
  • To highlight the policies & approaches driving this transition
  • To launch a process of comparative work on evaluating and assessing these approaches and their context

The presentations made by the IIT Madras Research Park team during the webinar and discussions are noted below:


To view the recording of the webinar, click here.