MANGALURU: Mangalore University on Wednesday launched the global document verification system for certificate and mark list making it the first state university in Karnataka to do so. The system will enable the University to bring to students and global alumni of the university various advantages. This includes faster verification, cost effective, transparent and efficient, prevents document frauds, facilitates single platform for multiple verification requests.

In addition, it offers paperless verification of degrees/mark sheets online. It is also a onetime verification option with multiple download options and ensures highly secure data privacy and has been developed by To verify Mangalore University issued certificates or mark lists, alumnus or any other document user only needs to upload the said documents at and make an online payment.

University will verify credentials of uploaded certificate/ mark list with its records. On completion, an email with link of verified document will be sent to requesting party. To ensure high security, system uses internationally approved system data privacy encryption technologies and reliability processes. These include logins, one time password, automatic embedding of verifier credentials and verification result onto the certificate/marks list to leave an audit trail. has been launched because of numerous fake documents that are reported and have hampered credibility of various institutions thereby rendering the certificates issued to students to lose their value. Mangalore University’s participation in the paperless verification mechanism will curtail the fake document menace and most importantly, ensure credibility of Mangalore University’s certificates and mark lists. System will also facilitate interlinking of various institutions and universities enabling expeditious admissions of student from different institutions. The Greens will also have a reason to cheer for as this e-governance drive will reduce use of paper and exchange of couriers. This internet based system is a one stop solution to government, citizens and university officials and opens up possibilities of location-independent and instantaneous transactions.

The system blocks data theft and use of fraudulent documents that are potential threats to national security, saves stakeholders a lot of time and effort spent in first getting their documents and then having them attested by third parties and helps university officials/authorities from managing huge repositories of papers. The system has been implemented as part of technology transfer from, a company incubated by IIT Madras and supported by their department of management studies and department of computer science and engineering.