IITM Research Park

Build an Autonomous Robot to solve a navigate

The “Build an autonomous robot that can navigate a maze” course is a uniquely structured self-paced course where you learn to independently build, fabricate, and program an autonomous robot car that can navigate a maze – in just 30 hours! You will gain in-depth knowledge about assembling a processor board and its configuration based on the application in hand.

  • Through an engaging mix of videos and real time hands-on challenges,
    you will be able to:
    ✓ Independently build an autonomous robot car
    ✓ Program the robot and calibrate its sensors
    ✓ Fabricate a maze

Through this project you will learn to:
1) Test the sensors, motors and confirm they are working correctly.
2) Build a Micro-mouse and assemble as per the instructions on Build manual
3) Fabricate a maze for your Micro-mouse
4) Write software for your robot
– Make the Micro-mouse autonomously navigate a maze
– Implement algorithms to solve mazes quickly – Right / Left hand following
– Build a line-following robot
5) Complete the tasks mentioned in the Build Manual & try the other challenges

Ideally you should be familiar with:
• The features of Embedded Processor board
• Complete the “Build software for embedded processor board & rolling display” course
• Fundamentals of programming languages like C

High Level Instruction