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Senior Roles @ IITM-RP and IITM-IC.

Job Description

Hiring Alert @ IIT Madras Research Park

IIT Madras Research Park (IITMRP), promoted by IIT Madras, is India’s Foremost University-based Research Park that thrives on Innovation and Entrepreneurship through Industry-Academia interaction and Deep Tech Startups. It is also home to India’s top Startup Incubator – IITM Incubation Cell (IITMIC).
IITMRP and IITMIC are looking for up to 10 (ten) highly innovative, committed, passionate, energetic, experienced, and hard-working professionals in senior roles. The individual should have a strong motivation to make a huge difference in product development in India and large-scale commercialization. In addition, it is desirable that they have:
• Commitment to Innovation and Larger Vision like “Made in India” and “Aatmanirbhar” Bharat
• Exceptional enthusiasm to push the boundaries
• Ability to build strong, dedicated teams
• Willingness to Learn and Grow and take up any role in the organization
• Aspiration to grow into the highest position in the organization in the next ten years.
• Grasp the ethos of IITMRP and proliferation of Industry-Academia collaboration
• Continuously seek, nurture and sustain Collaborative Opportunities in the ecosystem
We are looking for multi-faceted talent with:
1. 10-15+ years of experience and preferably 4 -5 years in building strong communities and ecosystem;
2. Should have held leadership positions; track record of top performance in management, consulting, technology leadership with a consistent record of achievements.
3. Handled a team and worked with multiple stakeholders to create successful outcomes.
4. Previous experience involving B2B, Institutional Business Engagement will be a plus.
5. Strategic Management / Consulting / Technology Backgrounds in the age band of 35-40 years
Desirable qualifications: MBA or B.Tech in Engineering with a multi-faceted experience
The persons should show the ability to learn quickly, work very hard and in the process transform themselves. This role promises you a highly satisfying career opportunity with the brightest minds.

Write to us at careers@respark.iitm.ac.in