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Tender for Repairs to ‘C -sections

Repairs to ‘C -sections in the roof of  B  block at terrace level and 3 rd floor level and floor tile work at C & D blocks. NIQ

Sealed quotations addressed to COO, IITMRP,  are invited for the above work in the enclosed BOQ, from agencies who are carrying out civil works.

The quotations should be submitted so as to reach RP office  on or before 5 PM, on 04-5-2020

Tender for Water Proofing

Repair to roof treatment below the existing fan unit on the roof of Block B and providing PVC pipe in the terrace area of 6th floor of A/ B blocks (Below pergola area)


Sealed quotations addressed to COO, IITMRP, are invited for the above work in the enclosed BOQ, from agencies who are carrying out civil works.

The quotations should be submitted so as to reach the RP office on or before 5 PM, on 31-10-2020

Tender No.ITMRP/OPER/1

Due to administrative reasons, All The Tenders received in response to the RFT No IITMRP/OPER/1  for the work of Providing Housekeeping, Event Management, operation, maintenance & upkeep of all the Internal and External services of PHE, HVAC, Firefighting, MEP, 33KVA substation, Audio Visual Equipment,  including furnishings for IIT Madras research park for the year 2020-2023.  stands canceled.


Notice Inviting Quotation for Horticulture Maintenance
Maintenance of lawns &Plants, potted plants, Plant Nursery at IITM Research park for 12 month period during (2020-2021)
Last Date Submission:3rd August 2020.

Last Date for Submitting Tender 24/07/2020 @ 1500 Hrs  

The following clarifications have been made for the queries of the bidders.

The contents of the minutes will form part of the tender document. The tender may be Quoted taking into consideration of the points of the Minutes of Meeting.

  1. For the quoting of CTC proper break up may be given.
  2. During the execution of work, any component of work need to be executed beyond the scope of work in the Agreement will be compensated at the market rate.
  3. All the consumables will be supplied by IITMRP free of cost.
  4. In part H condition mentioned as including the oil, gasket, etc. the cost of these components will be the IITMRP scope carrying out the work will be vendors scope and the tools and tackles will be vendors scope.
  5. For both the technical service and HK service the waste cotton and cleaning cloth, etc will be supplied as consumables.
  6. In the condition, under 12 m the provision of lift mechanic stands deleted.
  7. The facade cleaning methodology has to be mentioned.
  8. The cost comparison of the tender will be made for the total cost of work involved for all three years duration.
  9. The Minimum wages applicable to the tender will be that of Shops and Establishment. The compensation to the quoted rate will be made only when the Government Revises the Minimum Wage during the tenure of the Agreement. For the existing Minimum wages, the Variable DA applicable as per minimum wages act shall be borne by the vendors as published by the Labour Department.  The quoting shall be made accordingly.