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Has Tech matured to make a difference for Persons with Disabilities and the Geriatric?

2024-03-14T21:16:10+05:30Jul 31, 2023|

The development of assistive devices can overcome visual, hearing, and locomotor impairments, enabling individuals to communicate, access information, and engage with the world more effectively.

IIT Madras Research Park’s Summer Projects showcase how India’s youth can take on “impossible” challenges driving the technology landscape

2023-09-28T12:13:16+05:30Jul 31, 2023|

IIT Madras Research Park (IITMRP) in partnership with Maxelerator Foundation, brought together young tech talent to drive ambitious technologies, reimagining India’s tech landscape, focusing on the theme of “Impossible is Possible”. The 11-week Summer Project brought together 50 students from different campuses to work for 75 days on two ambitious and rather impossible sounding projects.

Look who wants to be the friendly neighbourhood banker to startups

2023-09-28T12:13:48+05:30Jul 18, 2023|

10thJuly, 2023: Ankit Poddar, founder of building management tech startup ZedBee, needed money to expand business and as working capital. Venture capital investment was tough given the market, and large banks were often out of touch with the realities of the startup world.

Transforming Sanitation! With Divanshu and Bhavesh | Solinas | EP01: The Catalist Podcast

2023-09-28T12:14:13+05:30Jul 14, 2023|

Transforming Sanitation! With Divanshu and Bhavesh | Solinas | EP01: The Catalist Podcast

"Sanitation is a basic necessity for human dignity and well-being." - Kofi Annan The problem of sanitation has been plaguing the nation since its birth, and, though unbeknownst to many, various undertakings have been dedicated to placating this ever-prevailing issue.

IIT Madras Research Park is trying to create more Ranchos

2023-09-28T12:15:05+05:30Jul 05, 2023|

Exciting things are happening at IIT Madras Research Park (IIT-M RP) this summer. A group of 50 starry-eyed engineering students from colleges across Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Kerala are spending two-and-a-half months at the innovation ecosystem working with senior engineers, faculty and mentors on technology solutions for social impact.